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We Put the Eye in STI – Season 1 Episode 5 2022

The Naughty Rude Show

Join Taymi and Indi as they combine their girl power to unpack the patriarchal ways in which society views women, alternative ways to view cheating in relationships and how to get back into your 2022 self-care groove.

Indi teaches Taymi all about the sexually transmitted infections that affect the eye, and more importantly, how easy STIs are to treat.

Taymi also leads THE VIBE once more. This week’s toy: cockrings.

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  1. Running with the Hurricane - Camp Cope
  2. CYA - Jamaica Moana
  3. Proof - Methy Ethyl (feat. Stella Donnelly)
  4. Grime - Dallas Woods
  5. Quicksand - Hatchie
  6. CUT - Jaguar Jonze
  7. Collide - Sappho
  8. Helen - Seph Cove
  9. RISE - Noah Slee (feat. LVJ)
  10. Love Brand New - Bob Moses
  11. Otomo - Bonobo (feat. O'Flynn)
  12. Estación Esperanza - Sofia Kourtesis (feat. Manu Chao)


Executive Producer: Zack Goutzoulas
Presenters: Indi Barrow and Taymouth Brook

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