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Serenity Now Week 11 Podcast-Final Episode

 Serenity Now Week 11… The final frontier… where Serenity Now has never been before.. Our very last episde for the year!What a season it’s been, unravelling some of the most mind melting ideas and concepts in philosophy and popular culture! We spend our precious time looking at the illusion of matter and rainbow gravity theory. We also have a lightning round segment where we quickly zap topics we didn’t get to speak about in 7 minutes. And, of course, where would we be without our mystery box. For the last show, we prepared a double dose for our mystery box, featuring a fun game with Pen and Stace from Get Cereal (6am-9am) on a Tuesday morning and a song from the Upfront twins.We wrap up the show with a nostalagic compilation, highlighting some of our favourite times on the show. Truly, not an episode to miss if you’re a synner!Thank you for all those who listened and texted in every Tuesday morning. You certaintly gave our show momentum and it was an absoulute delight to bring you the less-discussed ideas in pop culture and philosophy. Who knows, Rivers and Jay may return in the near future.Stay connected Rivers and Jay 


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