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Your youth is a formative time.

You learn to love, learn to unlove. Picking up new things as quickly as you’re putting it down. You’re constantly moving forward, feeling everything.

Join our host Lily Anna, now on the verge of adulthood as she reflects on her adolescence through the poems, lyrics and musings written throughout her younger years.

Cold Hands Warm Hearts is a series inspired by introspection and reflection. Reminiscing on the bittersweet memories we all hold whilst growing up, accompanied by the music which held her throughout all those growing pains.

All yours for an hour each Thursday, Cold Hands Warm Hearts is an ode to a generational love of putting pen to paper. A series for the 20 somethings and the inbetweens. Giggles at the people we once were and understanding of who we can become. Write a loving letter to yourself, everyone can learn something if you put pen to paper

Airing Thursdays 7pm, only on SYN

find me online: https://www.instagram.com/funkyspaghettii/

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