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DEFCON Bulletin

A completely bizarre fictional comedy news program, set in its own alternate universe. 


Fictional Description: 

Running for over 50 years, this hard-hitting news radio spinoff of Jungalou island’s #1 newspaper DEFCON Daily presents all the facts we think you need to know.

News anchor John Xander reports on all the stories effecting Jungalou Island and other countries around the world alongside a wide range of correspondents 

Each episode features an editorial wrap-up from controverisal poltiical commentator and former action star/country singer Jed Rogers who’s been apart of the DEFCON family for 20 years

The revolution will not be televised. Or broadcast on any other medium. But if it were, DEFCON Bulletin will report on it.

SPECIAL THANKS David Chau for designing the logo. 


Saturdays at 9pm on SYN.  

Latest Shows


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Episode #9 – Death of a Newsman – 05/07/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

In this special episode, the personal life of John Xander as well as how he became the anchor for DEFCON Bulletin is […]


Episode #8 – The War of Wars – 28/06/2014 – DEFCON Bulletin

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