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Influencers. They’re the Kardashian clan of the creative world. They’re the type of people called Karlie that do makeup tutorials on how to “kontour your kat”. But since when did Karlie and her Kontouring Kat Kit get more attention than a Brunswick comedian, or a Mansfield playwright, or a pop up poetry cafe founder? Tune in to Ezcapades with your host Ez, at 9pm Friday’s on SYN Nation, as we chat to the up-and-coming creatives in and around Melbourne. Let’s start giving credit where credit’s due, and recognising the creatives with a c, and not the Kreatives with a k.

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Ezpisode 5: Ezcapades feat. Ms Millie’s Pop-Up Poetry Cafe (Jay Jay x Tom x Sharifa)

Ez interviews Jehnet Kaya, founder of Ms Millie’s Pop-Up Poetry Cafe in Brunswick, just off Sydney Road. Her dimly lit space draws the audience close […]


Ezpisode 4: Ezcapades feat. Spencer Shaw

Ez interviews Melbourne based artisan, Spencer Shaw, the founder of leather goods brand, Leisure Craft, and winner of the Denfair 2016 “Best Stand in […]


Ezcapades feat. Tomfoolery and Jaking Around

Ez interviews Tom Attard and Jake Colman, two thirds of the Melbourne a cappella group Drums of War, who won the 2015 Vocal Australia AUSACA Championships. What’s […]