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Front & Centre, with Sean and Julza, is a SYN Nation Seasonal dedicated to highlighting the amazing achievements of incredible young people that deserve to be in the spotlight. We will be interviewing an extraordinary young individual every week, whether they be a musician, artist, entrepreneur, or anything in between! We will also be discussing phenomenal, unheard of and unreported news that we believe should be brought Front & Centre (get it?). Tune in Thursdays 7-8pm on SYN Nation to hear it all!

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Episode 1: Katia Pellicciotta from Discord
Episode 2: Miss Eileen and King Lear
Episode 3: Nick Pearce from HoMie
Episode 4: Isabella Moore from Homemade Dynamite and underage music festival, XraySpeX
Episode 5: Crepes for Change
Episode 6: Imam Kamram Tahir
Episode 7: Monique Trusler from VFLW Box Hill Hawks team
Episode 8: Morgan Hipworth from Bistro Morgan
Episode 9: Black Summer
Episode 10: TEDxYouth Special with musician Emily Wurramara and inventor Macinley Butson
Episode 11: Tess Lawley, General Manager of SYN Media
Episode 12: Season Highlights and Good Times

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