How to Be…

How . to . Be     noun    ˈhat

:   A kind of ‘how to’ show about life, it covers different topics each week such as success, ethics, health and happiness, and provides insight on what these things mean and how one might pursue them in a   scientific, philosophical or psychological manner.

:   A ‘how to’ show about staying sane in a crazy world and a crazy body.

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How to be… Healthy

How to be Healthy   This week’s episode focused on physical health, because looking after your body makes it easier to look […]


How to be… Smart

Ok, so my second show of the season didn’t exactly go smoothly with all the technical difficulties and as a result this […]


How to be… Smart

So, apologies again for the lack of music in this weeks episode! I am a newbie and things go wrong. My friends […]