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Matt & Myles


G’day, welcome to Triggered with Matt and Myles, your new Thursday 9am slot on SYN 90.7 this season. Having wet our appetites for the sound of our own voices doing our weekly podcasts, we’ve decided to give radio a crack!

Our vision is for our show to act as an informal springboard for two old friends to get together and discuss the many eyebrow raising events we are exposed to on a weekly basis in this crazy 21st century world of ours, and we’d love you to join us!

The main theme of Triggered is to basically act as a forum for us to discuss and try to make sense of the many questionable events and stories that are heaped onto our newsfeeds on a weekly basis. More to the point, we want to take this opportunity to roast and expose the sportspeople/politicians/celebrities and all round twits that managed to trigger us each week.

We want to hear from you, as we know you or your mates have been definitely been triggered before! So hit us up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and we’ll sit back in our comfy chairs and diagnose your problems!

Facebook – @MattandMyles

Instagram – @matt_and_myles

Twitter – @matthooy or @mylesneville

Happy Triggering!

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