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Player One – Monday 8-10PM

Player One is SYN’s flagship gaming show covering all things LARP, ARGs, board, and of course – video games!

YouTube: @playeronesyn
Instagram: @playeronesyn
Twitter: @playeronesyn
TikTok: @playeronesyn

For more info or to join the show, contact Player One’s Executive Producer;
James Dawson – [email protected]


Latest Shows


Player One – 27/02/2023

Player One: 3-5PM, Monday 27 February JAXSON GAMBLE – Let’s Go St. Croix – All My Lovers (Ft. Seann Miley Moore) quinnie […]


Player One – 20/02/2023

Player One: 8-10PM, Monday 20 February  Martin Garrix, JVKE – Hero Pretty Girl – All Good CAMPFIRE – Welcome To The Future […]


Player One Reviews: Sam and Max Save The World

Gaming’s furry buddy cop duo is back, and they’re looking and lip-synching better than ever. The first season of the now-defunct Telltale […]