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About Us: Smack Talk isn’t just a show about music and sport… it revolves around the trivial issues that youth face, in a localized, Melbournian context.

Who we are trying to attract: Our ideal audience are entering university and the workforce for the first time after high school. They’re likely to be frequenting gigs at dingy pubs, eating (and regretting) late night kebabs before stumbling home and sharing the experience all over Facebook and Instagram. Huzzah.

Josh (Yoshi), Jamie (Jamo) and Scott (Scod) are all at varying stages of their post-high school lives. Josh is a graduate currently searching for work in his chosen field. Jamie is in a graduate level position, whilst Scott is in the midst of a new course. Their work and school lives are like many who would potentially be listening into the show – their experiences have an effect on their views and content.

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