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A syncytium is a multinucleated cell that can result from multiple cell fusions of uninuclear cells. 

A SYNcytium is a group of people from diverse religious backgrounds coming together to present a radio show about their lives, experiences, and religion!

SYNcytium, broadcasting live on Saturdays from 11am-1pm on SYN 90.7

Listen at 90.7 FM or www.syn.org.au, 10-11am Saturdays

Latest Shows


SYNcytium Saturday 6 December 2014 – 11am

Sahba and David share their thoughts on holy scriptures and mythology in this episode of SYNcytium. Also features an interview about Norse […]


SYNcytium Saturday 29 November 2014

Cleo shares her thoughts on Acts of Worship on the latest episode of SYNcytium.


SYNcytium Saturday 22 November 2014 – 11am

Emmanuelle and Sahba visit places of worship on this episode of SYNcytium.