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Chill out with The D&eM – Wednesday Night Lofi

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The D & eM is a seasonal Lofi /electronica music show focussing on checking vibes and feel-good wholesome content. Come along for a chill-tastic time, Wednesdays at 11pm!

Who are We and Why are We Here?

Dem and Emily are two fresh new faces to SYN, both excited to share the nostalgic, and groovy experience that is Lofi Music.

In a time where a wee bit of stress is hitting everyone right in the soft spot, we saw no better time than now to get stuck into some chill-out time. Come join us for a good old fashion D&M (deep and meaningful) or as Dem and Emily like to call it, a D&Em.

What’s Lofi?

Lo-fi or ‘Lofi,’ is an approach to music that embraces life’s little imperfections. These low-fidelity elements can be anything from the sound of a needle hitting a record, the pitter-patter of rain, or birds chirping in the distance. These songs often borrow sound bites from movies, video games and television as well as nature, to ignite a nostalgic feeling.

Lo-fi has evolved into a style of music that is laid back, chilled out, and prioritises gentle melodies against a good bassline.

What We Talk About!

Join us for the vibe of the week, a wholesome story or meme we found,  a chat about a video game, movie or tv show and more, as we listen to some of the best Lofi tracks out there!

Where can you find us?

Come take a deep breath and devote some time to feeling good Wednesday nights from 11 pm to Midnight on SYN! Or check out our podcast on all good streaming services after the show goes to air.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram for updates!


Header by Demitra, Photo by Braedon McLeod on Unsplashed.