Sunday Sweets: Confidence Man – First Class Bitch


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Confidence Man
Track: First Class Bitch

Words: Marli Dean

In this day and age where self-love and flaunting your identity is a welcomed trend, a banger that chants ‘Baby, I’m a first class bitch’ seems to summarise the mood quite well. Aussie duo, or perhaps better described as Australia’s ‘portable party’; Confidence Man, are back with yet again, another infectious dance bop.


Following the new electro-dance driven sound the group teased with ‘Does It Make You Feel Good’ back in 2019, ‘First Class Bitch’ shows a different side of Confidence Man’s extensive ability to deliver new alternative rhythmic blends and melodies whilst still upholding Janet Planet and Sugar Bones’ iconic style of sass and spunk.  


The almighty Janet Planet traced the birth of this track back to a pair of socks she spotted in London, embroidered with the phrase ‘first class bitch’. She says that she “suddenly realised, I too was a first class bitch. I rushed back to the penthouse and penned this hit. Ever wondered what you hear when you die? This is it”.


First Class Bitch utilises that classic synth sound we know all too well from previous tracks like ‘Boyfriend (Repeat)’  and ‘C.O.O.L Party’, while being carried by a unique drum and deep bass mix that gives it an intense burst of energy and pace.


If you’ve ever been graced by Confidence Man live, I’m sure you can imagine the comprehensive dance routine and flare that would come with a raver like this. This is the type of tune you turn up after you delete that number, buy that bag and post that damn thirst trap.


Describing it as ‘Hot. Sexy. Cool’ on their socials, we can only bow down and pray that this new release is a clue towards something bigger in the works. Whilst their headline tour that was set to commence in May has been rescheduled to November for now, at least fans can get down to this while they wait.


You can watch the video clip here.