Sunday Sweets: Genesis Owusu – I Am


Each week the Sunday Sweets team dive into our Sweet 16 and Feature Albums. 

Artist: Genesis Owusu
Track: I Am

Words: Gabriela Caeli Sumampow


“Who I was and who I am is not who I will be.”


This was the defining line of Ghanaian-Australian rapper Genesis Owusu’s latest single “I Am”.


Released last week, this is his third single of the year, and he’s been teasing it in the socials for a week prior to its release. He’s been posting teasers of the guitars, the unmissable synths, and of course, the melodious backing vocals by Melbourne-based singer KYE.


“I Am” is a futuristic yet funky track that tells a story of self improvement in the most uplifting way possible. While the idea of self improvement could be a deeper story to tell, Genesis Owusu spices this up with his signature funky, upbeat style. 


In the middle of the song, Genesis Owusu asks “so what’cha know about me?”, which is one of the many lines that promote self love. It’s like a little talk-to-the-hand gesture to all the haters, because nobody knows him better than himself. In an interview with Triple J, the rapper says the song is his way of saying that he’s ever-evolving. He wants to be a better person, a better artist, and a better part of society, and “I Am” is by far the most wholesome way of conveying this message.


Genesis Owusu will be performing at Sydney’s Mary’s Underground from 21st to 23rd October in a series of shows called Kofi’s Black Dog Jams. Performing with a jazz band, these shows are where he re-imagines previous musical works and premiere upcoming songs for the first time. He’s stepping away from the Genesis Owusu he has been known for and wants to give his fans something more intimate – in the setting of an underworld jazz club.


While “I Am” speaks of Genesis Owusu’s self improvement to become a better artist in the future, this transformation for Kofi’s Black Dog Jams may prove the point of the newly released single. 


The last line of “I Am” sees him finding his “brand new groove”, so brace yourselves and be prepared for an all new Genesis Owusu.