Sunday Sweets: Georgia June – Baby Blue

Baby Blue

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Artist: Georgia June
Baby Blue

Sydney indie-pop rockers Georgia June are living proof that indie-pop rock is a genre that is alive and well. In fact, it’s more than alive and well – it’s thriving, which could possibly be due to the release of their new single, Baby Blue


Their 2019 releases, Prove Myself, and Try Again, provided an eclectic mix of sounds ranging from their distinct unforgiving drum beats, fun bass lines, and powerful, mature vocals from the eponymous Georgia June. Try Again sounds like an incredible cross between Emiliana Torrini’s Jungle Drum and Little Red’s Rock It, all whilst maintaining Georgia June’s signature vibrancy. 


Baby Blue remains true to their renowned sense of liveliness, however, it holds a deeper emotional capacity. The single encompasses a melancholic feeling through the guitar and synth riffs. The thunderous and omnipresent drum beat encourages toe tapping and head nodding, allowing for moments of Georgia June’s euphoric energy to be felt. Lyrically, June taps into worlds of grief and gratitude, as the loss of a dear family friend, a mother and wife sets the emotional tone for this song. The vulnerable nature of this track has raised the bar for the Sydney indie-pop rock quintet, with no signs of it being lowered anytime soon. 


“Recording the track was crushing and cathartic, but as we unveiled the landscape and palette of sounds, I knew we could capture the emotion of the song faithfully.” Georgia June on Baby Blue

Written by Selin Kaya