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Celebrating it’s 70th year since it’s early beginning in 1947, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival continues to grow every year and attract thousands of punters and performers from around the globe. This year with over 3,200 shows, the Ed Fringe keeps up to it’s title of world’s largest arts festival.

This is the first year that SYN Media will bring you all the latest comedy news right from the packed Edinburgh streets during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Ed Fringe offers up sketch, circus, musicals, improv, stand up, theatre and everything in between from August 4th- 29th…So there is bound to be something the comedy obsessed can delight both their days and nights with!

You can catch up on all the Ed Fringe happenings on SYN’s flagship comedy program website syn.org.au/in-joke or on Facebook at In Joke.

It’s going to be a busy month and we can’t bloody wait. x

Phoebe O'Brien

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