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SYN’s Leadership Team is key group of hardworking, dedicated, and talented volunteers who are responsible for overseeing (most of!) the programs and music we broadcast on the radio, behind-the-scenes content decisions, and all of the exciting creations made online.

See below for the names and contacts of SYN’s directors and executive producers.

For more information about SYN’s Leadership Team, and other programming and broadcasting inquiries please email SYN’s Programming Coordinator: Sal Lewis – [email protected]


Music Directors:
Sarah Davenport + Tom O’Brien – [email protected]
Music submissions and feature music play-listing inquiries.

Music Content Producer: Sandie Ruuskanen[email protected]
Interview inquiries and content support for music programs (see below).

Asian Pop Nation Executive Producer: Jessie Xu – [email protected]
Dedicated to Asian music and culture.

The Hip Hop Show Executive Producer: Ndaba Waile-Maphosa – [email protected]
SYN’s home of local and international hip hop, R&B, and rap.

The Hoist Executive Producers: Sam Deshayes + Mia Ranaletta – [email protected]
Giving local music a lift! Bringing you the best new music from Melbourne/Naarm and around the country.

Housemates Executive Producer: Position Vacant, please email Programming Coordinator – [email protected]
The house of electronic and dance music on SYN.

Moshpit Executive Producer: Darcy Thomas – [email protected]
Open the pit for punk, rock and metal!

New & Approved Executive Producer: Taymi Brook – [email protected]
Fresh new music from around the world.

Sunday Sweets Executive Producer: Asyiqin Sanif – [email protected]
Spinning SYN’s Sweet 16 and Feature Albums.


Arts + Culture Content Producer: Xenia Sanut – [email protected]
Interview inquires and content support for arts and culture programs (see below).

Amplify Executive Producer: Alishba Tauseef – [email protected]
The underage sound of Naarm/Melbourne, amplifying the voices, stories, and experiences of young people.

Art Smitten Executive Producer: Position Vacant, please email Programming Coordinator – [email protected]
Naarm/Melbourne and Australian arts and culture.

Get Cereal Executive Producer: Bianca Scanlan – [email protected]
Say good morning to some breakfast radio; music, arts, culture, sports, news, and lifestyle.

In Joke Executive Producer: Marcie Di Bartolomeo – [email protected]
Comedy lounge but make it radio.

Loud & Queer Executive Producer: Position vacant, please email Programming Coordinator – [email protected]

The Naughty Rude Show Executive Producer: Jack Navin – [email protected]
All things sexuality, gender, identity, relationships, and romance.

Player One Executive Producer: James Dawson – [email protected]
We’re talking (and playing) video games!

Raise The Platform Executive Producer: Imi Vassallo[email protected]
Telling the stories and experiences of young people with disabilities.

You can also email RTP’s Facilitator: Is Hay – [email protected]


News + Current Affairs Content Producer: Loughlin Shannon – [email protected]
Interview inquires and content support for news, sports, and current affairs programs (see below).

Panorama Executive Producer: Tayla Oates [email protected]
Dedicated to telling stories and presenting news that matters to young people.

Represent Executive Producer: Bridie Golding – [email protected]
Representing young people in the world of government, parties, and parliaments, Represent is SYN’s flagship politics program.

The Sports Desk Executive Producer: Sam Menhennet – [email protected]