SYN Membership

To be a volunteer at SYN, you must be aged 12-25 and be an active member of the organisation. Being a member gives you opportunies to participate in SYN’s training, media making and behind-the-scenes activities. Any young person can join SYN!

If you’re aged over 26, you can still be a member of the organisation despite not being able to participate in SYN’s media making activities. By being a financial member of SYN, you get to have a say in how the organisation is governed by voting in the Board of Management at our Annual General Meeting every year.

Annual Membership costs:

$5 for under 18s / RMIT Students

$15 concession

$25 full

If you’re joining SYN for the first time, head over here to sign up for one of our upcoming SYN Induction workshops, which includes your first year’s membership fee.

Renewing Your SYN Membership

If you are a current SYN Member and need to update your membership, please head over SYN’s Members Portal:

Select ‘Register’ to proceed with updating your info and sending through your payment. Please register using the email address you originally signed up to SYN with, which can be updated once you’re logged into SYN’s Members Portal platform.