News Talks: What’s happening in Afghanistan?

Afghanistan has been in the news a lot this week. So host Emile Pavlich caught up with professor in international security and […]

Darren Cheeseman MP: A career in politics

Why should young people run for political roles? Reporter Rachael Vassallo spoke to Victorian MP Darren Cheeseman about the importance of politics […]

Scott Morrison

Coalition Returned While Labor Back to Drawing Board

As the election results fall into place, the Coalition will be returned with a majority in the House of Representatives while Labor, […]


Interview with Ellen Sandell: Part 2

Ellen Sandell is the Greens state MP for the seat of Melbourne. She has held a wide and varying career, first training […]


Professionalism in Australian Politics

Liberal Senator Michaelia Cash has come under fire for a heated exchange during Senate estimates, meanwhile the spotlight is on Barnaby Joyce […]


Changes to citizenship test could disadvantage refugees

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull recently announced changes to the Australian Citizenship Test. Reporter Shannon Schubert finds out about these changes, and how they might affect […]


Season 2 Episode 2 23.04.16

This week on Represent, we spoke to the CEO of YEAH (Australia’s only youth led sexual health service) and a peer advisor […]


Season 1 Episode 9 02.04.16

This week on Represent we spoke to MP Carl Katter about the suggested double dissolution election. We also spoke to the policy manager […]


Season 1 Episode 4 27.02.16

If you missed out on listening to the show on Saturday or if you want to listen to it again, you can […]


Malcolm Turnbull VS Tony Abbott

Does a richer, smarter and newer face mean that the right changes will be made? Has the Australian public been fooled? Reporter […]