Fandom Support Group – YouTubers pt 1

Genevieve and Tara discuss the fandoms surroundin Dan (danisnotofire), Phil (AmazingPhil), Shane Dawson and more! Plus, hear the Host vs Host challenge […]


Genderfluidity, Queer Bullying & The Imitation Game: 17.04.2016

On this week’s show we had: – A discussion of how social media has boosted the reach of queer celebrities and personalities […]


The Girl And The Fella

Catch up with ‘The Girl And The Fella’ every Tuesday night on SYN Nation where they put the social in social media


Entertainment Update – 2/12/2015

Celebrity Lane blogger Jayden Forster joins Nick, Tess and Nathan with the latest in entertainment, including reports another celebrity couple has decided to […]


Entertainment Update 25/11/2015

Celebrity Lane blogger Jayden Forster joins Nick, Tess and Nathan with exclusive details about former X Factor finalist Sally Chatfield and her plans to return […]


Entertainment Update 18/11/2015

Celebrity Lane blogger Jayden Forster joins Nick, Tess and Nathan to discuss the fallout surrounding Charlie Sheen’s shock admission that he is HIV […]


Swinburne on SYN – Nenagh, Kyle, and Claudia – Odd Celebrity Tour Demands

Nenagh, Claudia and Kyle discuss odd celebrity tour demands and strange customer requests in the workplace.


Leaning To The Left – Episode #3: ‘PewDiePie Interview!’

The amazing Felix Kjellberg reveals some remarkable insight from behind the scenes of PewDiePie in this exclusive interview with Will from Leaning […]

Swinburne on SYN 5 August 2014 – crazy fans

Brooke, Emily and Steve having a chat about crazy fans, angry celebrities and stereotypes.

Week 10 playlist (final episode of 2011!)

 Topic: how celebrity and fame has changed from being exclusively for royalty, religious figureheads and engineers to minor, meaningless reality TV and […]