Coming of Age


Rockology – The Resurrection

As part of SYN’s 20-year celebration ‘Coming of Age’ Rockolog is back. Five years since its inception Sam Menhennet is back with […]

UK Lock In

UK Lock In

Bree Steele returns to SYN with a celebration of the best music from the UK – from all eras and generations.



Putting the shine on support bands and musicians across Australia, Bridget Hustwaite spins an hour of music from upcoming bands and artists who kicked off their careers touring with more established acts.

Spoiler Alert

In 2014, Spoiler Alert was SYN Nation’s movie seasonal, reviewing both classic and contemporary cinema. For one day only, Justin and Michael return to do what they’ve been doing since – talking movies.

Tim & Laurie - 2011 SYN Awards (1)

Enter the Inventors

A decade ago, Tim and Laurie revolutionised the world we live in with innovative products and inventions. Now, they take their Saturday morning show to primetime with a selection of new ideas to revolutionise the world once again.

Belle, Blakey and Tim

The Sell Outs

Belle, James, Mike and Tim all volunteered at SYN together. Now, they’re all working for competing commercial radio networks. Listen in as they remember some of their best bits, then stay tuned to hear if their rivalries boil over!


Under the Covers

SYN’s 2010 Music Director Britt is back on the mic exploration and celebration of the humble cover version. From the most covered songs in the world, to obscure recordings and re-interpretations. Have you heard The Vines’ cover of Ms Jackson? This is the radio show for you.

90.7 SYN FM - 2003

Get Staffed

Three former general managers—Jo Curtin, Tahlia Azaria and Georgia Webster—reunite to share some reflections on SYN’s history, impact, and uniqueness as an organisation and youth movement.


That SYNer

After a season reflecting on summers past, Loughlin Shannon shares stories stories from SYNers past and present! Tune in for good times, some things that went wrong, and the friends we made along the way.