Kai Lovel

This 15 year-old built a website to support small business during Coronavirus

Meet Kai Lovel, a Perth teen who could see the impact that COVID-19 was having on the small businesses in his city. […]


Digital Campaign Ads: Young Voters’ Perspectives

As election day approaches, many political parties are taking their final chances to boost campaign ads on social media. Do young voters […]

Rappin’ All Over The World

Join Chris and Nina as they travel all over the world from Australia to the USA exploring rap culture everywhere they go!


SYN Showcases Young Talent From Across Australia in Seasonal Programming Shake Up

Youth-run community broadcaster SYN has launched two new radio programming grids, now broadcasting from their new studios in Melbourne’s CBD.   SYN’s […]


The Beat Goes On

Chris takes you through the rich history of hip hop from 1979 all the way to 2015. Showcasing 3 years each show […]


The new voices of Gippsland!

  Well, this was pretty great.  Last month, one of SYN’s ol’ faithful radio trainers Bethany Atkinson-Quinton and the National Youth Media […]


Great Minds Don’t Think Alike 26/7

Listen in to hear Julia, Amorette and Christian talk about how Autism is represented (and misrepresented) in Tv Film and literature. We […]

Digital File Management

So you’ve produced heaps of great content, but you can’t remember what you named the files or where you saved them. Check […]