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Jono Talks #17 w/ Jude Joseph on Donald Trump, Australia’s Federal Election, Barack Obama & More

Jude Joseph is involved with the anarchist and anti-fascist movements in Australia.


The Sports Epilogue: Jonathan & Joshua on Fremantle’s Fall from Grace, Roland Garros, & More

We take you through our analysis of the latest developments in the AFL, the French Open and much more.


Weekly Highlight – “It’s a mini car crash everytime” – Jono Talks

Everyone knows wrestling productions such as WWE are entertainment based, but you wouldn’t know just how much it can hurt sometimes.  Excerpt […]


Jono Talks #16 – Nick Bury

Nick Bury is a professional wrestler who works with Outback Championship Wrestling. Nick’s making his debut for Melbourne City Wrestling tomorrow.


Jono Talks – Safe Schools Rally Vox Pop

As many of you would know there has been much debate about Safe Schools, and whether it should be maintained. I went […]


Jono Talks #15 – Sam Beckman

Sam Beckman is a martial artist, who has competed in kickboxing, muay thai, capoeira and jiu-jitsu.


Weekly Highlight – Basketball Techniques – Jono Talks

To watch a full discussion with basketball coach, Luke  Torrisi follow this link:


Jono Talks #14 – Luke Torrisi

Luke Torrisi is a basketball coach at the Malvern Tigers Basketball Club, who supervises up to five teams.


Weekly Highlight – Sarah May plays her song Let Her Go – Jono Talks

To watch the full discussion of Sarah May’s music career in studio, follow this link: