Summer Season 2022/23

Reality Rewind

Join Jack as he rides a wave of late noughties and early tens nostalgia, featuring music from the likes of Jess Mauboy, Samantha Jade, Dami Im and more!

Mouse Ears

Turning back to clock to that time in life where a certain mouse-led, magic castle, child star factory, kids TV channel ruled the lives of Millennials and Gen Z-ers in those early Saturday mornings.


Lost Postcards

Through playlist curation, special guests, diary entries and more, Lost Postcards unpack the craziness of Sarah’s 2022 and her experiences navigating modern youth culture and travel.

Summer Selection 2022

Summer Selection

Whether you’re chilling by the pool, at a BBQ or getting ready for a big night in or out, there’ll be summery tunes to warm you up and get you grooving


Viral Vibes

Dance, sing and crank the volume up! The best music trending online, plus some classic pop anthems from the 90s, 2000s and 2010s.


Extra-Terrestrial Scoop!

It’s an outer-space science hour on SYN! Exploring the far corners of the universe, and keeping you up to date with the last scientific discoveries and news, join Sura as she explains to you the un-explainable.

Music, Melbs, Me

Music, Melbs, Me

Wind through the bustling streets of Brunswick, the cool clubs of Fitzroy, and the Melbourne CBD discovering some amazing Melbourne and Australian artists along the way. Join Pranati in her journey, and explore the music of Melbourne!

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is all about the ambient and downtempo side of electronic music. Join Holly as she explores the origins, inspirations, and secrets of slow and steady electronic.


The Stitch

The Stitch takes a deep dive into the ways that culture, TV, movies, and the media affect our lives as young adults, tied together by an awesome soundtrack. Join Lucy as she discusses and reflects on how we interact with the world in our current media landscape.

Across the World (2)

World Uncovered

World Uncovered will take a different country from around the world each week and find the newest emerging and trending artists from that country. Uncovering music gems that might not have made their way to Australian radio airwaves, join Finn as he traverses around the world.