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Screen Futures: Youth Fest – Andrew McDonald Interview

The SYN Bloggers are today covering the Screen Futures: Youth Festival at Federation Square.   Andrew McDonald. McDonald, a  Former SYNner, in […]

Screen Futures: Youth Fest – Stefan Schutze Interview

The SYN Bloggers are today covering the Screen Futures: Youth Festival.   Are video games sowing the seeds of violence in the youth […]

Redesigning ST Kilda Youth and Services approch to VCAL at VALA

This was a very interesting presentation about how a group of youth workers and teachers are trying to turn their VCAL courses […]

The Wheel of Misfortune!

So this is the wheel of misfoirtune which was basicly a small stand about OH&S in work places, Orange here span the wheel then […]

Interview with Mr.Orange at VALA Youth Voices

JB checking out the exhibition space at the VALA Youth Voices Conference 2011 and an improptu interview with our resident Mr.Orange.

Lollies at the VALA conference! – JB

The Lollie Lab is an interactive workshop that engages students in OHS and practical learning. It’s a really engaging way of teaching […]

SYN Bloggers – VALA Conference Introduction

SYN Trainer JB introduces the SYN Bloggers at the VALA conference 2011.

Small interview…..

So yeah this is the random interview we did… it was just a short one to find out what someone is doing […]

Courtney Black interview

so today 24/3./11 i did interiews with Courtney 13 random question  in the park it was fun 😉 

Alessandro Interview :)

So today me and alessandro interviewed eachother at the park. 🙂  it was fun. 🙂