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The Great Metal Standoff – Metallica vs Megadeth w/Botchamania

Metallica vs Megadeth III Black Album vs Countdown To Extinction WEB

Metallica vs Megadeth III. Celebrating 30 episodes with 30 years of Megadeth – Countdown To Extinction and the Metallica Black album (albeit a year late), marking the third clash between the two biggest metal bands ever! Better still, Imran and Jason’s podcast with Maffew Gregg of Botchamania over a year ago went so well, he’s come back for more! He’s busted out the catboy headphones to listen along to the two incredible pieces of metal history for another pulsating contest. Plus, hear Maffew’s memories discovering Megadeth, evolving as a Metallica fan and comparing his perspective of each band’s lyrics from his formative years to now. Also, hear the complete story to why he briefly learnt how to play the harmonica! And if you stay to the end, you’ll hear Jason reprehensively corrupt Maffew by way of picking his Aussie Rules Football team.

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Outro Music: XTaKeRuX – Demonized


Matthew Gregg


Jason Evans, Imran Abbas

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