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The Great Metal Standoff – Trivium vs Dio w/ RMITV’s 5 Foot Step

Trivium v Dio WEB

If Jason and Imran are gonna start podcasting again, they’re gonna get collaborating. Joined by one of the co-producers of RMITV production 5 Foot Step, Niall Allen, the trio pair Trivium’s – In The Court Of The Dragon, the most recent release from Trivium, and Dio – Master Of The Moon, the final Dio solo album. This makes for a rather unusual battle but asks an interesting question. Can Ronnie James Dio, the man synonymous with his fantasy themes in his music, in his final years, still compete with a more contemporary album in a similar style?

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Outro Music: XTaKeRuX – Demonized


Niall Allen


Jason Evans, Imran Abbas

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