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TYTF Podcast 03: All Pain No Gain

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Zach and Charlie Present:

TYTF Podcast Episode 03 – All Pain No Gain

For those wondering, we didn’t follow through with any of the physical challenges that we set for each other last week (*shock* and/or *gasp*). As a result, we shall stew in the shame and suffer the pain.

We also share tales of blunder to see who had really ‘Cooked the Chook’ this week, and ramble through some of the stories of love in this weeks ‘cute or crazy’.

Peace out.


  1. High And Low - Empire of the Sun
  2. World Of Our Love - Client Liason
  3. Je Viens De La - Two Door Cinema Club
  4. Find Me - Kings of Leon
  5. Real Slow - Miami Horror

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