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TYTF Podcast 02: Takeoff

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Zach and Charlie Present:

TYTF Podcast Episode 02 – Takeoff

We ramble through our new segments, Pain or Gain and Cute or Crazy. The latter got us both in our respective doghouses for roughly 6 hours.

Pain Or Gain

We each set a challenge for the week, big or small, to push ourselves further in life. This could be for our health, wealth, passion, or love, ultimately making us better people. But like you, we’re human. It’s easy to say that you’re going to do something, and never follow through. We’ve decided that we need a little added motivation, hence, ‘Pain or Gain’. Whether it be snorting a line of sriracha sauce, taking our girlfriends on an intentionally crap date, or wearing the same kit to work for a week, there is every reason to want to complete the goals we set.

This week, Charlie was to apply for a modelling agency, and Zach to a Radio Station…

Cute or Crazy  

It’s hard to tell the difference, when you’re deep in love. Sometimes partners can really blur the lines between being protective, and being a psycho. Thus, we have decided to become Melbourne official unsolicited authority on this distinction. We too ebb and flow through both being a little cute, and a little crazy. We share our experiences, and we listen to yours in our new segment: Is my partner cute or crazy?


  1. Out Town - Sticky Fingers
  2. Yellow Mellow - Ocean Alley
  3. Never Seen This Before - The Delta Riggs
  4. Give Me a Reason - Jagwar Ma
  5. Bibi The Dog - M83

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