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Something about being 16 -TEENAGE JOANS
Review by Anika Luna

*Coming of age film, main character moment alert*- The teenage duo have hit the mark yet again! Literally, one of my favourite bands to break out of 2020, just when I thought their streaming service presence was enough to send me into a headbanging headache… I had the pleasure of watching these rock stars live!! And, I can confirm that I am a changed woman. After commencing with the iCarly theme song, Teenage Joans captured my attention!! An hour of a sweaty mosh, sing-alongs, bottles of water, crowd surfing, and dramatic simultaneous guitar strums and jumps… by popular demand, these legends gave into performing, “ONE MORE SONG”!! Love their work… pumped to see what the rest of this year holds for these icons!!

Review by Harry Boucher

This irresistibly catchy song pricked my ears the first time I heard it and has firmly planted itself in my brain since. The playful way it dances with the concepts of how much money is enough, and dissatisfaction with current circumstances is powerfully relatable. The pairing of Hotel and Obi III Terrors is perfection.

I’ve Been Holding Onto You for Way Too Long – ALEXANDER BIGGS
Review by Harry Boucher

Alexander Biggs has created a beautifully haunting track that captures the raw emotion of a, particularly painful breakup. The endless thoughts, the urge to withdraw, the constant reflection. The arrival of the chorus feels as if the sun has risen on this dark, sleepless, night as he decides this has gone on for way too long. Brooding yet uplifting, and all too relatable 

In the Machine – SAN MEI
Review by Harry Boucher

Dark lyrics served alongside glittering, cyber-pop guitars and a beat that swallows you up. This is San Mei at her best. I too have become lost in the machine, we all have.

Never Gonna Be the Same – MIA WRAY
Review by Portia Horsfall

This song has been one that I’ve been listening to for the past week. It has just inspired me, as in the name of the song, it’s ‘Never Gonna Be the Same’ once you have stood on your two feet and can feel the power that belongs to you to make everything right.

Next To You – DANNIKA
Review by Portia Horsfall

I am so inspired and have been loving this song. This is a beautiful song about being next to someone you really care about by letting them hold you and you rest your head. This makes me think of my relationship and how good it is right now and how I care about the person I love and let him put his arms around me.

dramatic – CAT & CALMELL
Review by Sarah O’Neill

This Sydney duo is an absolute breath of fresh air. They bring a blend of pop hooks and glittery R&B to the Aussie music scene and I am so here for it. The new release ‘dramatic’ is a song I think every teenager and twenty-something needs right now. An anthem for zillenials in a time when we don’t feel listened to or respected. This song takes me on a journey to the stars. Thank you Cat and Calmell.

Groovy – BARKAA
Review by Sarah O’Neill

A proud Malyangapa Brkindji sister who represents her people. For the movement, for the culture, for the mob! Such a huge fan of this queen! I’ve been listening to this song every morning for the last week and I’m obsessed/ The rhymes Barkaa spits are deadly and the heavy beat of this song makes me feel like she should be Australia’s matriarch ASAP.

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