SYN is a community media organisation run by volunteers. We support more than 300 members each year, all of whom are aged 12-25, and take on jobs across all facets of the media-making process: as producers, presenters and managers.

SYN’s Leadership Team is a group of key volunteers who take on the management of our departments (radio, music, podcasts) and produce our flagship radio and TV programs (Executive Producers). Members of the Leadership Team take on a role and title for one year, appointing and working with their own volunteer program or department team.

Some SYN volunteers take on roles for shorter periods of time, like presenting a radio show for one of our twelve-week program seasons.

SYN volunteers are productive, innovative and maintain a fantastic culture of collaboration and participation.

Young people volunteer at SYN for a range of reasons: to build experience for media careers, as a hobby, to meet new people, because their mate is doing it, or because they aren’t satisfied with what other media is offering them, and they think “I can do better”.

We enjoy a great volunteer culture at SYN, and we’re always open to new people. If you’re aged 12-25 and you want to get involved, head to the next SYN Info Session to find out how, or feel free to jump right in and sign up for one of our upcoming SYN Induction sessions!