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Where’s The Sex Ed for Queers? – 25 November 2018

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Your Naughty and Rude pals Danny, Peta & Ceitidh are back and ready to get scandalous!

Ceitidh has some thoughts on the ethics of farshun giants à la Dolce & Gabbana.

Fresh from her Sunday night date, Peta’s wondering when it’s too soon to get back in the game after a breakup.

And Danny is frothin’ on some diverse icons.

Plus, what the hell’s the go with sex ed for queers? Or more accurately, the lack thereof?

Thoughts? Feelings? Want to weigh in on what you’re hearing? We’d love to have you! Stay completely anonymous on our Tumblr and you could hear your question answered live Sundays on SYN Nation, DAB+ from 8PM AEST.

December 3rd 2018
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