Work Experience Blog: Brenton Potter


Work Experience Blog: May 2018

Written by Brenton Potter

When the opportunity for work experience arose at my school, I quickly researched local radio stations into Google and the first website that appeared before me was SYN Media. At this time, I had never heard of the station, so I decided to click on the link. Never did I think that that decision would lead me to making new friends and growing my self-confidence.

On the first day, I was unbelievably nervous about meeting new people and working somewhere I had never been before. However, when I opened the door into the House of SYN, I was suddenly at ease with the relaxing atmosphere and the generosity of staff which I cannot thank enough.

The first day was so much more fun than was expected. From graphic design activities on Canva, to being beside hosts Sally and India on ‘The Hoist’, I couldn’t wait for the rollercoaster coming my way. The next few days were very exciting. From burning playlists onto CD’s, to being Audio Director on the music show ‘1700’, and literally being a part of the ‘Amplify’ radio show cast with Connor and Jezlyn, which was the most fun activity out of the whole entire week.

When the week sadly came to an end, I was sad to not only to return to school, but to leave the House of SYN for my work experience week. In the end, I am so glad I chose to complete my work experience at SYN Media because it not only opened my eyes into what life is like in the media industry, but it gave me an opportunity to get involved in radio on SYN 90.7, even though I had no prior experience.

Once again, I would like to thank SYN for their overwhelming kindness. I’ll be back.

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