Work Experience Blog: Kian Savage


Work Experience Blog: May 2018

written by Kian Savage

Coming to work experience in Melbourne was thrilling. I’m from a small country town so I was pleased to get into work experience here and come into a more diverse environment. On my application I wrote that I was interested in journalism so they found activities for me to do regarding journalism.

When I arrived there I was excited and nervous. On the first day I was scared to meet everyone and to do all the activities they had planned. But as soon as I got there Molly was extremely welcoming and incredibly nice. It was the best experience I could ask for. First up I created a news bulletin and was nervous to read it on air, but Lindsey said that I would be fine and if I make a mistake it doesn’t matter, After I read it, I felt a lot better. I actually enjoyed it and continued to go on air on Amplify later that week.

For the rest of the day I did graphic creation with Josh which was fun and easy going. The second day I did an Instagram takeover with Aimee. I took pictures to promote the SYN Induction. I enjoyed working with Aimee; she was funny and incredibly welcoming. Later that day I went to the 1700 with Matilda and met two members of the band they were interviewing called Fool Child. It was very interesting to see how an interview was set up. I got to count down how long till they went live and observe the control room and all the people that I met were extremely nice. The third day I created and edited sweepers with Lindsey. I learnt how to edit little mistakes and make a really clean sweeper which was cool. Later on I went on air with Conor and Jezlyn. It was fascinating to see how a radio show was set up and how they planned what songs they played and what they talk about on live radio.

The last day I was sad to leave because I really enjoyed my time there. It was exciting not only to be getting a taste of what field of work I’m interested in, but it was also exciting to experience life in Melbourne which I was not used to. My work experience more than I could have hoped it to be. I’m sad that I will have to go back to school after doing what I want to do when I’m older. When I came to SYN I was just thinking that I might want to do journalism but after this week I am seriously considering it for a career. I was so thankful and would recommend to anyone to come here even if they are unsure about what to do.

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