Work Experience Blog: Vivian


Work Experience Blog: July 2018

Written by Vivian

I had been eagerly waiting to be exposed to the world of ‘lights, cameras and action’ for a long time. Work experience came around the corner and it gave me a huge opportunity to put myself in a work place which I was interested in. After a while of running around the place, I was luckily able to find SYN Media, shot them my application and hoped for the best!

On my last days in South Korea, I received an email from Molly that I was going to work for SYN, quickly packed my bags and internally prepared myself for the wild journey ahead.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t super nervous coming in to a new environment and I even got slightly lost on the way. However, when I was greeted by a bubbly and optimistic group of young people, who talked to me straight away despite my reserved outer appearance, I felt like a huge weight was pulled off my shoulder.

Podcasting was honestly a blast with Evrim. Soon enough you could find us rambling on for at least an hour on topics from K-Pop to Disney movies and the Avengers to Star Wars. Further along, I got a VIP front row experience in a live radio show on ‘The Hoist’, hosted by India.

Down the road, I was editing my podcast with Lindsey. We added sweepers and funky music, and by the end of it, I felt really professional. Now, behold the most extraordinary day of the week, working on an episode of ‘1700’. Although I freaked out at the start when they first told me I was directing, the hosts and crew assured me that I’ll be fine despite my inexperience – and I was, all thanks to them! The studio was fast-paced with everyone buzzing around, however it was truly a once in a life time experience to be involved in.

Now, it’s my last day today and I’m planned to have another behind the scenes experience and co-star on ‘Amplify’ with Conner in the afternoon. This was a week to remember, and I’d like to thank the staff and volunteers from SYN who was able to make my time here worthwhile.

I’m already considering a career in the media industry but working here has only reinforced my interest. I would definitely recommend doing work experience for SYN because I guarantee you’ll be talking about it for days on end.

Applications for 2019 work experience will open in October 2018. Questions? Email membership[@]