Work Experience Blog: Jezlyn Scott


Work Experience Blog: April 2018

written by Jezlyn Scott

As a 15 year old school kid, proceeding to opening the SYN doors created ambivalent feelings of excitement and nerve. From applying for work experience to knocking on the door for the first day, I still knew no more about the week except the date I was to be there. Once inside for the first time I knew I was in good hands when Molly (work experience helper) started talking to me, her welcoming atmosphere made me much more comfortable. Molly went through a timetable she gave me about my week and I already knew from the things I was to do it was going to be an
unforgettable experience. From learning to make playlists and burn discs, to editing exciting videos and witnessing radio shows live, I could not have been more in my element. You are catered to do things of interest depending on what you wrote in your application. In my application I wrote I was interested in music, and therefore was lucky enough to review Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 album ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’. Soon after reviewing this album, I realised reviewing things and doing work not dissimilar to this would be something I was interested in. There was not one rude person in the SYN office and it showed through the respect the SYN workers gave to one-another.

I was fortunate enough to come into a room for the week, full of diverse people who appreciate the concept of ‘individuality’. Every individual is alternate to the person next to them and is not afraid to express themselves which I find uplifting and motivating. I believe it can be difficult for people to be an individual in a school environment, you have to conform to a certain limit in order to work in that environment every day. Coming to a place where people could embrace differences and use their creativity to express themselves was great to see. As the week went on, I started expressing myself through my style and felt comfortable to do so as everyone was welcoming to my style. Not only was my style shown, my ideas came threw more as the week went on and it felt like my creative mind was at its best. Sitting here writing about my week, re-living it is making me jealous and making me want to re-do it. For every person doing upcoming work experience at SYN, I would recommend pushing yourself to put your creativity out there as it’s the best place to be creative. SYN has made my work experience inspiring rather than a chore, and that’s why I could not recommend this place more. I will definitely be looking to do more work at SYN in my own time as I could not get enough of this place!

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