Rewind PLAYLIST Tuesday 12th of May, 2015

1999 SPECIAL!  PARTY LIKE ITS 1999 to these tracks  


In Joke – Season 3, Episode 1 – Podcast & Playlist

Welcome to the new season of In Joke, with your hosts Jess and Lucy! Writer and comedian Justin Hamilton stopped by the […]


Wanderlust Melbourne 26 July 2014

Vrinda and Tor welcome Pennie to the Wanderlust Melbourne team as they reflect on childhood pleasures.


Sci What? covers: Sexual Reproduction

Can rollercoasters make you horny? Ever wondered why players get all the bitches? Can you guess Australia’s Sexiest Animal? To find out […]


Best of Schools on Air – 14 / 07 / 14

Hi guys, this week on Best of Schools on Air we talk about what your favourite Emoji is to use, flute playing […]


Episode 7: Godzilla – 8/06/2014 – The Good, the Bad, and the Box Office

ROAAAAAAAAAR. This episode first aired on SYN 90.7 on Sunday June 8th, 2014. 


Schools on Air 16 / 06 / 14

Hello, on this weeks Best of Schools on Air we have some very embarassing dating disasters, the concerns of growing up, celebrity […]


Lion & Vice Episode Seven Podcast

Getting down to biznass from 7-8pm on Wednesday nights is just what Lion & Vice do. It happens. Every week. Biznass. Here’s […]


Federal Budget Live Panel

It was the best day of Joe Hockey’s life, but not so much for young Australians. It’s all cuts, savings and the […]