Unexpected Stuff 21/04/16

Josh talks to Dr David Ferraro about how to deal with losing a friend when you’re geographically removed from the situation, and […]


Awkward Stage 30/4

Grace and Matt kick off Awkward Stage for Season 2, 2016. In this episode Grace and Matt talk about Prince, TV shows […]


Get Cereal Tuesday Playlist 3/03/2016

(Artist – Song) 1975 – Love Me Hollie Smith – Lady Dee Riley Pierce – The Long Road Lush – Out of […]


Narcissism – People problems

Increasingly described as the “Me Generation” young people are tarred with the brush of narcissus.  But what does that word actually mean […]


The Hoist: Lanks Interview (07/07/15)

Gloria and Mel were lucky enough to have Melbourne artist Lanks join them on their first show of the season as their […]



The week Scotty H and JT rose from the shackles of dependance and learnt all about independance from Seonaid who was more […]


Ruby Gaytime Interview

Get Cereal Mondays sat down with Sarah Reuben and George Gaylor of Ruby Gaytime to talk about their new show ‘Short Change’ […]


Graveyard Episode 2 (27/5/15)

Intro Vegemite chocolate Food mergers Baby weight confusion Being unequipped for adulthood Accidental childhood TV discussion Road trip games Dream chat Making […]


NGAIIRE Interview (26/5/15)

After dropping her debut album ‘Lamentations’ in mid 2013, NGAIIRE has not only been headlining the soulful album nation-wide, but has also […]


IV: Festival of Steve

Esteemed tailor Carl Nave dropped by Get Cereal to tell Kathy, Don and Scott all about the Festival of Steve: a one […]