Swinburne on SYN – Liam & David discussing Pokemon GO

Liam & David are disscussing the app that’s sweeping the nation … Pokemon GO!

Swinburne on SYN – Nikki and Jasmine discuss #blacklivesmatter 12 July 2016

Jasmine Saunders and Nikki Lindsay discuss the recent issue of police brutality within the U.S.A  #blacklivesmatter 


The Hoist: Pat Tierney IV (2.9.15)

Lap-slide guitarist and folk singer-songwriter, Pat Tierney, called the studio to chat to Lauren and Holly about his upcoming shows, the Wild […]


Mission Australia’s survey and the interesting findings about youth aspirations

Mission Australia’s annual youth survey ‘Location.Vocation. Aspiration’ shed light on the different goals and dreams of young people across the country. But […]


Is Australia becoming a police state?

Do you think Australian police have too much power? Can you trust federal police and their activities? Reporter Ahmed Yussuf explores the […]


The Discovery Room Episode 11- July 25

Another week, another fresh batch of artists to discover!


The Hoist: Playlist (18.8.2015)

This is what you heard with Gloria and Mel on this week’s Tuesday night edition of The Hoist!


Big Money Madness

International finance markets continued to tumble overnight and throughout the day after persistent weakness on Chinese Equity markets. Confused yet? Panorama was, […]


PODCAST: The Hungry Traveller August 23rd

Hey my lovely SYNers! Yesterday’s podcast is here for you guys to listen to! Those who are mega fans of Japanese cuisine, […]