Monday, March 28th

Join Tara and Genevieve as they talk all things DIY projects, far fetched theories as well as debate which is better to […]


Friday, March 25th

Join Bianca and Tara as they discuss childhood struggles, Kanye West and much more! 


Thursday, March 24th

Richard and Will talk all things football, advancements in technology and much more! 


Wednesday, March 23rd

Join Thomas and Ashleigh as they discuss unusual baby names, Le Thomas Analysis and much more! 


Tuesday, March 22nd

Join Kiana and Luke as they welcome back “News and News That Isn’t News”, discuss time’s they’ve felt strangely uncomfortable and more!  […]


Monday, March 21st

Join Genevieve and Tara on their ‘feel good’ show this Monday as they discuss real things you learnt at school, group chats […]


Thursday, March 17th

Join Richard and Will as they celebrate St. Patricks Day, disucss strange encounters with garden snails and much more! 


Wednesday, March 16th

Thomas and Ashleigh brighten up your Wednesday afternoon talking all things Ironic as well as Le Thomas Analysis and much more!  


Tuesday, March 15th

Join Kiana as she discusses how effectively feminism and sex-ed is taught in schools, the music youth listen to these days as […]


Tuesday, March 8th

Luke and Kiana share with you the struggles of your paella getting trapped, ‘splash’ in public toilets as well as their thoughts […]