Season 02, Week 05 – My Little Pony with Guest

Erik Magister is joined by Michael to talk about My Little Pony. Once again we apologise for the poor audio quality for […]


Season 02, Week 04 – Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi

Erik Magister is joined by Seth, who talks about Hard vs. Soft Sci-Fi. Seth is one of those internet reviewers, you can […]


Season 02, Week 03 – Pokémon with Guest

The show on the 19th was supposed to be a pre-record as Erik was away at Armageddon. It wasn’t played. Our guest […]


Season 02, Week 01 – Monty Python

Erik Magister and The Love of a Nerd return to the air, and the host talk about his favourite group of comedians: […]


Take Two – Episode 01 – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

The first episode of “Take Two”. Host Erik Magister has another go at Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1. A couple of […]


Season 01, Week 16 – Musicals with Guest

Host Erik Magister is joined by Merfy of Rahven Wel Studios ( to talk about Musicals   AIRED: 12/07/2014, SYN Nation