Episode 16: Free Money, Physics and Face Punching

Murphy and Tom are joined by Neil Sinclair and Simon Cumming to discuss charity, science, chilli sauce, Kimye, expensive toothbrushes, car accidents, […]


Episode 15: Baseball, Breakfast and Beards

Tom and Murphy are joined by comedians Chelsea Hughes and Tom McLean to discuss Macklemore, court shagging, Joe Hockey, grifts/cons, John Travolta, […]


Episode 14: Curse Words, Catifornia and Kung Poo

Murphy and Tom are joined by comedians Dilruk Jayasinha and Hayman Kent to discuss heroic cats, zombies, buffets, proms, bread heists and […]


Episode 13: Money, Moppy and Mama Vic

Murphy and Tom are joined by comedians Xander Allen and Victoria Healy to discuss Japanese mascots, cabbage walking, counterfeit washing powder, an […]


Episode 12: Great Grandmas, Google Glasses and Gaelic

Murphy and Tom are joined by comedian Alasdair Tremblay Birchall and good mate Keith Bradley to chat about outer space, proms, bad […]


Episode 11: Horses, Hijackings and Horrified Helen

Murphy and Tom are joined by Bert Goldsmith and Rosie Vernel to discuss a missing dog called Murphy, unlikely hiding spots for […]