Spiritual Clothing

Cordelia and Daniel unveil the truth on spiritual fashion and the role of clothing in faith!


PODCAST: Spirituality and Disney!

Brodie and John talk about religious and spiritual references in Disney films! Hear the theories behind childhoo favourites like The Lion King, […]

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PODCAST: Spirituality and Disability

A truly amazing show on Intersection hearing from Stevie Wills, a Christian with Cerebral Palsy and Barbara, a Jewish woman working with […]


PODCAST: Interview with Steph and Pat from ‘Is Nothing Sacred’ on JOY 94.9FM

In a very exciting hook-up, the crew from JOY 94.9FM pulled up at the Intersection to chat with us about controversy! They […]

Intersection 30 November – Spirituality & Sexuality

John, Brodie and Cordelia chat about spirituality and sexuality with Matt Glover.