Episode 10: Scams, Stupidity and SARS

Archie, Tiggs and Ben Stevenson join Murphy and Tom on the special Easter edition to chat about dirty hotels, peeing, silly laws, […]


Episode 9: Hoarders, Haggling and Hand Dryers

Comedians Suren Jayemanne and Tony Besselink join Murphy and Tom to discuss police, messages in bottles, bargains, Google Glass, stinographers, reality shows, […]


Episode 8: Selfies, Snickers and Snuffleupagus

Tom and Murphy are joined by comedians Claire Sullivan and Arielle Conversi to discuss sexist ads, racist tweets, homophobic rules, addictive games […]


Episode 7: Skin Cream, Sleeping and Sex Changes

Lawrence Mooney and Tommy Dassalo join Murphy and Tom in the studio to chat about New York shenanigans, political pants wetting, McDonalds […]


Episode 6: Kim Jong-un, Kids and Coin Tosses

Murphy is Tom-less this week, but is joined by replacement co-anchor Lauren Bok as well as comedians Ben Vernel and Mitch Alexander. […]


Episode 5: Tweets, Two Broke Girls and Toilets

Tom and Murphy are joined by comedians Timothy Clark and Rose Callaghan and discuss rude restaurants, celebrity deaths, John Travolta, the Beaconsfield […]