Stories and You

This is Stories and You, the show were each week, we explore the stories in every day things. Join, Eunice, Evrim and James, as we […]


The Yellow Family S01E07 – ‘Homer Goes to College’

The boys are outsmarted by special guest Marcus who brings ‘Homer Goes to College’ for discussion. The trio chat about Mr. Burns for […]


Artistic freedom or defamation?

Artists are always trying to push the boundaries. But the recent murals of Melbournian Lushsux have sparked controversy for their unique and […]


Ezcapades (feat. Joshing Around)

Ez interviews Melbourne comedian, Josh Cake, who had a comedy show featuring in the 2014 Melbourne Fringe Festival, called “A Death by […]



Influencers. They’re the Kardashian clan of the creative world. They’re the type of people called Karlie that do makeup tutorials on how […]



Beth’s boyfriend hates tomatoes. Actually, Beth’s boyfriend is revolted by tomatoes. The little seeds, the slimy texture, the general vibe. But he’s […]


Rainbow Storytime (Library at the Dock) – Midsumma Festival

There isn’t a better location for local, proud artists to express themselves unto their peers and appreciators. The Docklands library is silent […]


Get Cereal interviews award-winning artist Josh Muir

Ballarat Artist Josh Muir doesn’t usually paint on big canvas. But his artwork will be projected across the walls of the National […]


Full Show | Tuesday, February 9th, 2016

Join Kiana and Luke as they discuss modern art, social media, teen jobs and more!