The Hoist: Pat Tierney IV (2.9.15)

Lap-slide guitarist and folk singer-songwriter, Pat Tierney, called the studio to chat to Lauren and Holly about his upcoming shows, the Wild […]


The Hoist: Anna Cordell (19.8.15)

Local folk singer-songwriter, Anna Cordell, joined Lauren and Holly in the studio to chat about her new EP ‘These Walls’, pump up […]


The Hoist: Hannah Blackburn IV (12.8.15)

This week on the Hoist, Lauren and Holly hung out with folk singer-songwriter, Hannah Blackburn. Listen to Hannah talk about the songwriting […]


The Hoist: Neil Gibson IV

On Tuesday night Gloria and Mel were joined on the line by folk, blues and roots artist Neil Gibson. They chatted about […]


Run Rabbit Run – Into The Woods (LIVE on The Hoist 3.9.14)

Casey and Michael from Melbourne folk outfit Run Rabbit Run joined Bridget in studio following the release of their latest single “Down […]


PODCAST: Witching Hour Talk Ceremonies

And no we don’t mean the Florence + The Machine album! We discuss festivals, handfasting and other rituals on The Witching Hour!


Premiere Show Playlist

Here’s a special treat for everyone playing at home! The first show playlist!! 1. Hour of the Wytch – Spiral Dance (from […]


The Witching Hour

Cast the circle and tune in to SYN 90.7FM Friday nights at 8pm for ‘The Witching Hour’. Bringing you an all-new show […]

Emperor X – Live on Flip The Tape 13/09/2010 part 2

¬†Emperor X came into the flip the tape studio to play a noisy, looped, fuzzy 20 minute folk set. ¬† Here’s what […]