The week Scotty H and JT rose from the shackles of dependance and learnt all about independance from Seonaid who was more […]


Guests and Gatherings

This week Scotty H and JT sat down with SYN’s very own Josie, to discuss the ins and outs of having events […]


Family and Friends

This week Scotty H and JT sat down with Ken, SYN’s FM Manager, to talk about Family and Friends and how it […]


Interview with Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists – NEW NOISE 5/2/2015

We caught up with Brock Lindow, the vocalist of 36 Crazyfists. The Alaskan metalcore band will be releasing Time & Trauma, their […]


Interview: Ghyti

Recently, Scott & Gracie from Monday’s Get Cereal caught up with Matt from the Adelaide-based alternative band Ghyti, who are fresh out […]


Interview: Sheena

Julian & Steph from Thursday’s New and Approved caught up with Sydney-based artist Sheena, to discuss her latest single ‘Reality‘ which comes […]


Interview: Biddlewood

Julian & Steph from Thursday’s New and Approved were joined in the studio by Tali, Bridget, and Isabel from Melbourne-based band, Biddlewood. The […]


Lester The Fierce Interview (15/4/14)

Beth had a chat with Melbourne songstress Anita Lester aka Lester the Fierce about her self titled EP. She also shared an in studio performance of her […]