Skipping school & Justin’s report card

Chloe recounts the time she attempted to skip school… and then went back. Justin discovers his year 7 report card.


Get Cereal Crimes against Broadcasting

Chloe, Justin and Amy recorded this promo for Get Cereal. 


Greek Film Festival IV

The 21st Annual Greek Film Festival started last night here in Melbourne and joining Chloe, Justin and Amy to tell them all […]


Swinburne on SYN 90.7 – Justin & Callum and special guest Nick

Justin, Callum and very special guest Nick talk about Islamic State, Iraq and Johnny Howard being interviewed on Channel Seven’s ‘Sunday Night’


Monday: The Down Low On The Brownlow: Part 2

Steph, Ash & Justin from Monday Get Cereal continue chatting about the Brownlow, giving their tips on who they think will win, who they think will miss out, […]


Interview – Kings In Exile

Steph, Ash and Justin from Monday Get Cereal spoke to the team behind Nice Productions latest controversial show, King In Exile.  Stars […]


Monday: Disney Head-to-Head – Frozen VS The Lion King

Its Grand Final week for the AFL, and also for Disney Head-to-Head.  Ash, along with Steph and Justin, attempt to end the […]

Swinburne on SYN Nation 10 September 2014 – Jana, Justin & Josh – 90S THROWBACK

Join Jana, Justin and Josh (the three-J’s) as they throwback the music to the glorious 90s, talk about a plethora of useless […]

Swinburne on SYN Nation 27 August 2014 – Justin on the Ice Bucket Challenge

Justin breaks down the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for you and looks at whether all that water is being wasted or not.

Swinburne on SYN Nation 27 August 2014 – Justin on International Sport

Justin chats with Nick and Josh about seeing international sporting leagues play at the MCG and why this isn’t always a good […]