Overcrowded Public Transport in Victoria

Have you ever gotten onto a train in Melbourne, only to feel squished like a sardine from the moment you enter the […]


Friday, February 26th

Sam and Producer Jake discuss the success rate of cow cloning, ask why the IT department is still a thing, jinx the […]


Friday, February 19th

Discover what Kanye West has been up to, the train annoyance hierarchy, diet drinks with less-than-diet meals and more with Sam, Bianca […]


Bronwyn and her Helicopter

Last week the boys had a very special guest, Andrew Harris, a young gun in the stand-up comedy circuit who happened to […]


Swinburne on SYN – What Not To Do On Public Transport July 28

Aimee, Dom & Lach discuss what people should avoid doing on public transport.


Victorian Budget Transportation Showdown

THE 2015-16 Victorian budget featured a record investment in public transport.   Panorama reporter Emma D’Agostino looks into some of the initiatives, […]


Mission PossABILITY 28/2/2015

Patrick, Aaron, Stella and Will talk transport and getting around in this episode of Mission PossABILITY.


Week 3: What you need to know about public transport in Melbourne

Continuing with our transport theme for this weeks show, Stefan Bradley from Represent digs deep into the nitty gritty of what needs […]


Week 3: Public transport in the spotlight

With public transport remaining a consistent issue for Victorian voters throughout the years, Victoria Votes reporter Chris Eales investigates what needs fixing […]

Wanderland Saturday 15 November 2014

Saya, Amy and Melody take the road less travelled on this episode of Wanderland as they talk about public transport.