Best of Schools on Air – November 6th

Today Footscray College review ‘Orange is the New Black’,   


Schools on Air discuss new PM

Hear Luka from Footscray City College passionately discuss why our new PM isn’t everything he’s cracked up to be.


Best of Schools on Air 21/08/2015

Today on the Podcast we talk: Things teachers say, Movie trailers and a Pop Culture Quiz.


Students share their Schools on Air experience

In this 5 minute podcast students chat about why radio making is a valuable learning experience.   To get your class on […]


Fitzroy High School – May 12th

Five groups from Fitzroy High School bring you a little bit of everything, from game shows, to a life performance by their […]


Blake enters Battle of the Bands

Have a listen to some of Blake’s original songs that he performed live on Schools on Air.


Schools on Air 16 / 06 / 14

Hello, on this weeks Best of Schools on Air we have some very embarassing dating disasters, the concerns of growing up, celebrity […]


Schools on Air 12 / 06 / 14

Hi everyone, hope you’re ready for this weeks Best of Schools on Air..